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Grasparossa di Castelvetro Lambrusco

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This wine is from Italy, Emilia-romagna region, Lambrusco Grasparossa Di Caste sub-region. Cleto Chiarli is the oldest producer of Lambrusco in Emilia Romagna. The winery was founded in 1860 by Cleto Chiarli, a restauranteur, who was already producing his own Lambrusco for customers of his restaurant. Chiarli owns seven estates, six located in the Modena DOC and one in the Colli Bolognesi DOC, located in Bologna. The vineyards extend throughout the fertile alluvial soils of the river Secchiaon on the plane north of Modena. Lambrusco refers to a family of similar varietals that primarily in Emilia-Romagna. There are several clones and sub varieties, the most common being Sobara and the red-stemmed Grasparossa. Sorbara is prized for its lightness and elegance, while Grasparossa is fuller and more powerful. The wines are produced using the Metodo Italiano (Charmat) process where a second fermentation is conducted in pressurized stainless steel tanks. For over a century, the Chiarli name has been considered a benchmark for traditional quality Lambrusco.. Gentle pressing of the grapes followed by a long cold maceration. Produced with the Metodo Italiano(Charmat) process.. Red, semi sparkling wine, full-bodied and soft on the palate.

Country Italy
Region Emilia-Romagnia
Varietal Lambrusco
*Vintage May Vary