Year-End Toast

Top 5 Picks of 2023

Bid farewell to 2023 with the top five selections that stole the spotlight this year.

Rewin(ed) Pick #5

Giapoza: A Family Legacy in Every Sip

This family-run Cali Cab pours like liquid hugs. Imagine Grandma's blackberry cobbler bubbling in the oven, with a whiff of freshly brewed espresso swirling around.

Creamy cassis and jammy boysenberry take center stage, while the oak hangs out in the background, whispering wisdom like your favorite uncle. Hint of spice and Tahitian vanilla linger on the finish, like those last bites of warm pie with extra ice cream.

Pair with: Think cozy nights and hearty fare. Steaks, burgers, or even a slow-cooked lamb stew will find their soulmate in this glass. And don't forget the cheese board!

Bottom line: Forget Napa snobs, this Cab's about real folks making real good wine. Skip the fancy labels and get ready for a journey filled with family, tradition, and seriously delicious flavors.


"Fifth generation? Talk about bragging rights! This Cab ain't just a wine, it's a legacy in a bottle. Open it up and celebrate good times with good people."

Rewin(ed) Pick #4

Porter & Plot: A Cabernet Sensation

Think dark fruit party in your glass – black currants and cherries tangoing with hints of sweet vanilla and floral violets. Cocoa peeks in for a decadent wink. It's warm and complex, like that perfectly aged leather armchair you never want to leave.

Pair with: Think big, bold flavors. Steaks, lamb chops, or even venison stew will find their perfect match in this bottle. Bonus points for a roaring fireplace and good company.

Bottom line: No fancy Napa price tag, just pure deliciousness. This Cab's gonna become your new weeknight BFF. Trust us.


"Nothing to be intimidated by. Just pop the cork and get ready for flavor."

Rewin(ed) Pick #3

Jean Laurent Champagne Blanc de Blanc: A Toast to Excellence

Skip the sky-high Champagne price tag and raise a glass of liquid joy with Jean Laurent. Think bubbly bliss under $50!

Forget "pop and pour" - prepare to be wowed. This ain't your average bubbly. Made with 100% Chardonnay grapes, it's like sunshine in a glass – crisp, bright, and full of life. Picture biting into a perfectly ripe apple, then diving into a basket of juicy citrus. Bubbles tickle your nose like playful friends, and the finish? Think lingering lemon meringue pie with a touch of toasty brioche.

Veuve Clicquot or Jean Laurent? Why choose? This bottle's an invitation to celebrate without breaking the bank. It's perfect for brunch with friends, toasting a new job, or simply adding a touch of magic to a Tuesday night.

Bottom line: Skip the Champagne snobbery and get ready for a complete Champagne experience that doesn't cost a fortune. Cheers to good times, good friends, and bubbles that make you smile!


"Direct from the winery? Now that's insider access! Pop the cork and discover why Cambridge knows a good thing when they see it (and taste it!)"

Rewin(ed) Pick #2

Pessoa Da Vinha: Vinho Verde Marvel

This Vinho Verde is about to become your new summer BFF. Think sunshine in a bottle, and all for a wallet-friendly price tag.

Kiss stuffy white wines goodbye. This Pessoa rocks a refreshingly bright personality. Imagine biting into a juicy lemon, then chasing it with a sea breeze. Zesty citrus dances on your tongue, while a playful spritzy pop keeps things bubbly and fun. A hint of salty-mineral goodness lingers, like sipping sunshine by the ocean.

Pair with: Seafood? Apps? Popcorn? Heck, why not all three! This versatile vino is the perfect summer sidekick for light bites, casual get-togethers, or just kicking back after a long day.

Bottom line: This wine proves that excellent, refreshing wine doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. Cheers to good times, good friends, and a taste of Portugal for under $11!


"Not your every day Vinho Verde. This Marvel crushes expectations, proving you don't need a fancy label to enjoy delicious wine."

Rewin(ed) Pick #1

Cimarron & G4 Blanco

Skip the overpriced celebrity tequilas, these bad boys are all about bang for your buck!

Cimarron and G4 Blanco are the real deal – 100% pure agave nectar, crafted with tradition and care in Mexico. Think smooth, sippable perfection that goes way beyond tequila shots and spring break fiestas.

Cimarron Blanco: Picture biting into a crisp cactus pear, with hints of citrus and peppery spice dancing on your tongue. It's like a cool desert breeze in a glass, perfect for sipping neat or in simple cocktails.

G4 Blanco: This one's a touch bolder, with earthy agave upfront, followed by notes of melon and white pepper. It's got a backbone that stands up in classic margaritas, but smooth enough to enjoy solo too.

Bottom line: Save your money, drink good tequila. These Blancos are all about quality, tradition, and flavor that won't break the bank. Cheers to agave perfection without the hype!


"Game-changer, smooth, refined"? We couldn't agree more! Stop chasing celeb brands and rediscover the true spirit of tequila with Cimarron or G4."

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