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We’ll find your
next favorite wine
6 or 12 wines handpicked by Sam the Somm.
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Discover new wines
Sip confidently
Make memories
With over 3,000 wine labels to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin.
Choice overwhelm
The average wine wall is packed with overwhelming variety that we’ll navigate for you.
Escape monotony
Don’t settle for the same old wine choices. We’ll introduce you to a variety of diverse flavors.
Make memories, not regrets
Don't let uncertainty ruin your wine moments. We’ll ensure you'll always have the right bottle for any occasion.
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You deserve a straightforward wine experience. Even if the wine world isn’t.

Say goodbye to wine confusion and revel in moments
shared over great wine tailored to your taste.

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How Sam the Somm picks your wine
Sam the Somm saves you time

With over a decade of expertise, Sam navigates the wine world so you don't have to.

Sam uses his palete to understand yours, delivering a mix of wines tailored to your taste. Snobbery not included.

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious novice, your best-kept secret will be a sommelier choosing wines for specifically for you.

Embark on a wine adventure crafted exclusively for you because finding your next favorite wine shouldn't be complicated—it should be as easy as enjoying a glass with friends.

"We've all been there – faced with a wall of choices, unsure of where to start. I can’t wait to find the wines you’re destined for."

— Sam the Somm

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4 Simple Steps to
Your Perfect Wine
Select your preference from all reds, all whites, or a mix of both to suit your taste.
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Our expert sommelier, Sam, carefully builds your unique mix of 6 or 12 wines.
Relish your handpicked mix case with company.
Tell us what you did and didn’t love to shape future pairings.
The Cambridge Promise

We’re on a quest to find to pair you the wine you’re
destined to love. Understanding what you don't like is just as crucial as discovering
what you do. Plus, sharing a bottle means discovering new favorites together.

Never sour
If your wine is sour on delivery, we’ll replace it.
Personal Somm
Sam’s your expert, eliminating the guesswork
Ensuring future recommendations hit the mark.
Club membership
Enjoy exclusive benefits as a Club Cambridge member
"I buy wine and look for the wine experts to lead me. At Cambridge, I get that. They picked out the case, completely satisfied, great job, I'll be back!”
- Jody S.
What’s inside?

- 6 or 12 high-quality, handpicked wines from all over the world.

- Always curated by our expert sommelier, Sam the Somm.

- Diverse varietals, including reds and whites.

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Simplify Your Wine Shopping
12 wines for $100
All reds
Specifically curated for red wine enthusiasts who prefer bold, robust flavors.
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12 wines for $100
mix red & white
Ideal for those who appreciate variety and enjoy both red and white wines.
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12 wines for $100
all whites
Tailored for white wine aficionados who enjoy crisp, refreshing tastes.
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Stop guessing, start enjoying.