Sommelier Secrets: Top 8 Wine Pairings for Super Bowl Snacks (Under $20)

Feb 04, 2024Victor Carinha

Top 8 Wine Pairings for Super Bowl Sunday. A group of people sitting at a table drinking wine over chicken wings, burgers and nachos.

Are you gearing up for the big game? Whether you're a die-hard football fan or just in it for the snacks (we don't judge), we've got you covered with a lineup of irresistible game day treats paired perfectly with wines to elevate your Super Bowl experience. From classic favorites to innovative twists, these snack and wine pairings are sure to score big points with your taste buds.

 Super Bowl Snack Best Varietal  The Perfect Wine
Chicken Wings Rosé Aime Roquesante Provence Rose
Pizza Chianti Fattoria di Sammontana Chianti
Burgers California Cabernet Beaver Creek Cabernet
Chili Zinfandel Fulcrum RJB Red Blend
BBQ Ribs Sauvignon Blanc Sandy Cove Sauvignon Blanc
Nachos Cava Brut Conquilla Brut Cava NV
Shrimp Skewers Vinho Verde Quinta da Lixa Vinho Verde
Meatballs Pinot Noir Giazpoza Pinot Noir


Sam Doyle (aka "Sam the Somm") is the Global Wine & Spirits Director of Cambridge Wines has given us his list of the top food and wine pairings for your next Super Bowl party. With over a decade of expertise, Sam navigates the wine world so you don't have to — saving you time at the wine store.


 Chicken Wings and Rosé for Superbowl on a table with limes. 

Chicken Wings with Rosé

Chicken Wings can be spicy, sweet, savory, and everything in between. Finding the right wine for them can be tricky. The one thing that is consistent though is the chicken, so having something lighter, but with lots of flavor is the move. That is why something like Rose is a perfect fit! Rosé wines are light and crisp, but it is the fruity flavors that really bring it home with all the different fun sauces people put on wings!

Sam the Somm's Take:

Rose is a perfect pairing for wings and Aime Roquesante Provence Rose could possibly be the perfect wine.

Why? Red wine could overwhelm the chicken, while white wine may not be able to hold up against the sauces. Aime Roquesante Rose is an explosion of cranberry, and under ripe berry notes, which pair perfectly with anything sweet or spicy! So no matter the sauce, a good rose is the perfect compliment.


Pizza with Chianti

There is nothing better than a slice of fresh pizza out of the oven during the Super Bowl, and there is no better wine than Chianti. The fatty cheese and the roasted tomato sauce need some love, and Sangiovese gives it the hug it is looking for.  You can put any topping you want on Pizza (except pineapple), but it is most important to pair with the sauce and cheese. Chianti is most known for juicy and easy drinking Sangiovese, so for something like pizza, it is the perfect pairing.

Sam the Somm's Take:

Looking for a wine to go with Pizza during the Super Bowl? You have to grab a bottle of Fattoria di Sammontana Chianti. This juicy Sangiovese will take your normal slice of pizza to the next level with plenty of savory earth tones matches with bright cherry and blackberry notes. 

Why? What grows together goes together, and if you are eating pizza, a table wine from somewhere like Italy is a no brainer!


Burgers with California Cabernet

Is there anything more American than Super Bowl and a Burger? Yes! Drinking a California Cabernet along with them! Big fatty juicy burgers need something that is full bodied, fruit forward, and heavily structured. Those three things bring me straight to California Cabernet! 

Sam the Somm's Take:

Beaver Creek Cabernet is a perfect compliment to a juicy burger during the Super Bowl. Melted cheese over a fatty beef patty needs a full bodied new world wine to match the intensity.

Why? California Cabernet in general is great, but the extra lift of fruit flavors that Beaver Creek has adds a layer of complexity that will want to drop the burger right into the glass!




Chili with Zinfandel

Is there anything better than spicy chili topped with cheddar cheese during the game? I would say, NO! Slow cooked pork or beef in a spicy sauce with a zinfandel red blend in the glass is exactly what I am looking forward to. Zinfandel in general can be a little too full and spicy for Chili, but when blended with other grapes, it becomes the pairing you dream of.

Sam the Somm's Take:

If you are bringing a pot of Chili to a Super Bowl party this year, make sure to snag a bottle of Fulcrum RJB Red Blend. The zinfandel has just enough spice to match the heat in your sauce, but the other grapes blended in, bring it back to earth to not overwhelm the other flavors.  



BBQ Ribs with Sauvignon Blanc

You've slow cooked ribs for 10 hours before kick off, and you want to make sure you have the perfect wine to go with them? Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect pairing. Crisp whites with plenty of acidity go extremely well with fatty ribs. Some may think red wine, but with something slow cooked as long as ribs, you want some acidic to cut through all that rendered fat!

Sam the Somm's Take:

Sauvignon Blanc sneakily is the best pairing for ribs. All that rendered fat needs something acidic and crisp to cut through it, and a little bit of a lift in body goes a long way. That is why Sandy Cove, a new world Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand fits the bill! 

Why? Crisp, fruit forward, and acidic goes well with fatty, sauce soaked ribs!


Nachos with Cava Brut

Anytime I think of any food that has a crunch, I immediately think bubbles. For the Super Bowl though, most people don't want to break the bank, so snag a bottle of Cava. It is made in the same way real champagne is made at a fraction of the price and will still give you that bubble-crunch experience!

Sam the Somm's Take:

When pairing wine with nachos, there are a ton of flavors, so I like to cheat a little. Cava goes with everything, but extremely well with foods that crunch. Conquilla Brut is a sparkling wine made exactly how they make Champagne in France, just from Spain.

Why? The texture bomb that happens from the crunchy chips and fine bubbles will have you scooping and drinking all night long! 


Shrimp with Vinho Verde

Shrimp on a skewer is the easiest snack to pair wine with at the Super Bowl. All you need is a light, refreshing white wine with some coastal influence, and immediately I think of Vinho Verde. An affordable white wine from Portugal, that is meant to be consumed at parties, but it is also a great pairing for Shrimp! Don't be surprised when the shrimp is gone, that you keep your glass full of Vinho Verde!

Sam the Somm's Take:

The first wine I think of when talking shrimp is Vinho Verde, specifically the Quinta da Lixa Vinho Verde. The wine is light, easy drinking, and the coastal influence gives it the kiss of salinity needed to pair with seafood.

Why? For a Super Bowl party, you will find it may become the most popular wine of the night, because in Portugal it is the most loved white wine for parties and gatherings!



Meatballs with Pinot Noir

Meatballs are a classic snack at every Super Bowl party, but depending on the sauce, there could be a wide range of wines that go well with them. One red wine though, will go with all of them, and that is Pinot Noir. One of the most versatile red wines, but also the most approachable that pairs extremely well with meatballs.

Sam the Somm's Take:

Giapoza Pinot Noir would be the perfect pairing for Meatballs at your Super Bowl party.

Why? It is lighter in body, but the fruit notes will compliment any sauce, while the acidity with match the juicy fatty meat. Whether it is on a skewer or in a sandwich, Giazpoza Pinot Noir will be the best pairing at the party!


There you have it. With these Super Bowl snack and wine pairings, you'll be ready to tackle game day like a pro. So grab your favorite bottle, fire up the grill, and get ready to enjoy the ultimate Super Bowl feast. 

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