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Cambridge Wines Offers Wine Club Memberships

At Cambridge Wines, we both understand and value the appreciation of not simply wine, but an individual’s palates experience with wine.  To cater to our guests, we’ve tailored the following 5 clubs to fit one’s own desires and/or needs with regard to collecting and tasting wines.  Whether you are an enthusiast, connoisseur, collector, or novice, we are confident that one of our wine clubs we offer will be suited to your liking.  Wine is not just about appearance, smell, and taste, it is about YOU.

Club members will also enjoy:

  • 10% off all items in the store
  • 10% Off all case purchases
  • Free delivery to all the BYOB restaurants in Downtown Morristown
  • Region, varietal, wine producer and tasting notes on each bottle received
  • Food pairings and occasional recipes will be included
  • The 13th month free if you pre pay a year membership

Cambridge Club – $25 Per Month*

For all of our wine lovers out there, the Cambridge Club is designed to introduce you to incredible wines from around the world. Each month, we will select and introduce you to exceptional wines from amazing producers that are sure to please. The Cambridge Club will choose two simple, yet refined wines; our goal being is to expand your palate to different wines, giving you the ability to choose what you enjoy best. 

Wine Enthusiast Club – $45 Per Month

This club is perfect for those of you who have been experiencing the elegance and complexity of wine for years, or for those who want to take the next step in trying new wines. Each month, we will select a pair of distinct wines that are marked by both limited production and high quality from producers around the world. Many of these wines will be specific to wine club members only and will never hit the shelves in Morristown.

The Cellar Club – $95 Per Month

Created for the passionate wine connoisseur, who enjoy both drinking and collecting rare bottles from different vineyards around the world, The Cellar Club is the ideal club to help add to your cellar or to put aside for an upcoming special occasion. Wines every month will be diligently selected to satisfy the most educated palates. We will reserve these wines exclusively to The Cellar Club, many of these wines will never hit the shelves in Morristown.

The Case Club – $200 Per Month

The Case Club is ideal for those who often entertain large private parties, give gifts, or just love wine with every occasion. Each month, members are welcome to join us for a VIP wine tasting, to sample the wines that will be included in your very own customized case. 

The Brew Club – $25 Per Month*

The Brew Club is for all the beer lovers out there. Introduce yourself to some of the best beers around the world.  Each month you will be introduced to exceptional beers from some of the worlds best producers that will be sure to please. Some of the selections that we choose may be Cambridge Wines best sellers, and others that will never be seen on our shelves.  Along with the fantastic selection of beer we choose we will provide you with a detailed background on the producer and tasting notes. 


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If you are purchasing a bottle for a charity wine pull and would like a specific bottle, please call us at (973) 984-9463.  If not please choose a price category and we will choose the bottle for you. - Thank You Dismiss